Time for Partnership

UR Partners operate under the trade license of
John Robinson Planning and Design.

A time for change

The Middle East is going through rapid change. The implications for cities are unmanaged growth resulting in urban sprawl, lack of inclusive mobility and poor environmental conditions at street level. There is a need to promote compactness and the regeneration of urban areas, densify development close to city centres and public transport hubs, revitalise communities to sustain local economies and put climate and environment at the core of city policies.

Why Partnership

With this change there is now even more need for a partnership approach to be forged between public and private sector stakeholders and the end user, working together to enhance opportunities for investment and deliver coordinated, consensus driven quality urban renewal projects. We have therefore established a specialist team to help tackle this challenge.

An Action Planning process has been developed to help public agencies, private developers/investors and local community groups deliver a framework for renewal and act as a tool to guide future investment in the shortest period of time.

The Action

The Action Planning process involves preparing four distinctive but sequential stages of work addressing current development objectives, gaining consensus on a way forward, preparation of development framework leading to the Action Plan.

The Action Planning process need not
be a time consuming effort. It can assist in providing:

  • A forum for stakeholders to gain consensus and ‘buy in’ to a future vision for the area/site.
  • Targeted public and private sector investment to facilitate urban renewal potential.
  • Comprehensive and integrated planning and design.
  • Suggestions on best practice/opportunities for funding.
  • Improved and simplified mechanisms for project implementation.
  • A robust framework to ensure viable urban renewal.